Better typography with Photoshop pen tool —

Better typography with Photoshop pen tool —

Photoshop is an innovative and creative digital tool that can be used for designing, painting, editing images and a lot more. There are multiple pen tools available in Photoshop for enhanced typography. Few of them are listed below —

  • The curvature pen tool of Photoshop allows drawing the curves and straight lines intuitively.
  • The standard pen tool is capable of allowing drawing curves and straight segments precisely.
  • Freeform pen tool allows drawing paths just like pencil on the paper.
  • The magnetic pen tool is good to cut out parts from images as it snaps to the edges of the areas of your image.
  • You can access the pen group tools by using Shift +P key combination.

How to create path using the curvature pen tool —

This tool is good for better typography and allows creating smooth curves and also straight lines with ease. You can easily create custom shapes or define precise paths in your images using this typography tool. It allows creating, editing, toggling, adding or even removing corner points of the image without the need to switch tools.

Steps for using the curvature pen tool:

  • Go to pen tools group and then select the curvature pen tool
  • Click anywhere on the canvas to create the first point of anchor.
  • Now click again to define the next anchor point and this will create a segment on your path. If you click once then you can create a curved path but double clicking will make a straight path.
  • Keep on adding further anchor points either in a curved way or straight way according to your need. You can optimize the curve section by keeping the mouse button pressed.
  • After your path is complete then press the Esc key to complete.


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