Bashir Dawood- Man Behind The Progressive Medical Health Of Pakistan

Bashir Dawood- Man Behind The Progressive Medical Health Of Pakistan

A man who has given the first dedicated organ transplant center in Pakistan is bashir dawood who belongs to the most renowned Pakistan’s philanthropic family Dawood family has always put his hands in updating the medical industry of the country. He is also known to help the students with funds who are studying in the medical field and lack the funds for their studies. He always believed that the medical industry of the country should always be given priority and should be provided with the best of facilities.

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How He Contributed To The Health Sector Of Pakistan

As you already read that Bashir Dawood belongs to the renowned philanthropic family so he also continued the legacy of his family by contributing funds to health and medical science of Pakistan and he is the man behind the many surgical facilities added in the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) situated in Karachi, Pakistan.  There has been an increment in the facilities of AKUH with the increased number of operating rooms. The AKUH has the most advanced neurosurgery facilities in the country and it is all because of the donations provided by Bashir Dawood who always believed the health of a country can be defined by the facilities in the medical centers of that country.

In this advancement in the industry of medical centers in Pakistan has the biggest hand of the philanthropist Bashir Dawood and he knew how to do the best for the country through philanthropy.


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