Features and benefits of the Gantt chart

Features and benefits of the Gantt chart

The Gantt chart is a time management tool that graphically represents the different phases of a process and the activities that compose it.

This instrument is structured in two axes, one vertical in which activities or milestones are usually indicated, and another horizontal where the time sequence, days, weeks or months is represented. The distribution and duration of the tasks are indicated with horizontal bars, which can be highlighted with colors to indicate the priority of the activity or the percentage of completion.

It is a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use instrument that does not require specific training and can be used by large and small companies in all sectors. In addition to this advantage, the Gantt chart presents others like:

  • Its easy reading: itallows to clearly and quickly visualizing the beginning and end of each of the project activities, in addition to observing its duration, sequence and distribution.
  • It favors communicationbetween the various groups and departments. The tool allows transmitting the evolution of the project at all times.
  • It facilitates the planning and distribution of deadlines and the achievement of objectives.
  • Improve the ability to prioritize
  • It allows greater control and monitoringof tasks, promoting continuous improvement.
  • There is a great variety of computer applicationsthat allow elaborating this type of diagrams in a simple and fast way, with diverse benefits that facilitate its monitoring and control.
  • It is beneficial for other departments not involved in the project. Since the Gantt chart is a very graphic tool, anyone can easily understand what the stages of the process are. Placing it in a visible place and in a large format, where everyone can see it, will help to remember the objectives and know when the planned actions will take place.

Gantt chart

How can the Gantt chart be used?

Gantt charts can be used to show the current status of the programming using a percentage of full shading. Therefore, they are sometimes compared to bar charts.

However, they are usually created initially with a fresh start approach, where each task is scheduled to begin immediately when your requirements are completed.

This method maximizes the free time available for all tasks.

Management time

Most project managers consider planning as one of the critical benefits of Gantt charts in a creative environment.

Assist the teams in understanding the overall impact of project delays can foster stronger collaboration while encouraging a better organization of tasks.


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