How Can You Know More About JNE Trucking Tariff?

How Can You Know More About JNE Trucking Tariff?

The most common services often used by customers to ship the medium and large size of goods are Deliveree’s partial load service and JNE trucking regular cargo. The Deliveree app has made the shipping process of huge items simpler and delivers the product on the same day. JNE trucking delivery is fit to ship goods in large quantities and through motorbike deliveries if you have no problem waiting for 3-4 business days. To get information on jne trucking tarif, you can visit the branch office of JNE nearest to you. These branch offices are accessible in the entire Indonesia.

The shipping costs

The shipping prices offered by Deliveree are much cheaper than the JNE with a faster delivery action. If the price is cheap, you would have to know what services are included and provided to the customers. As a customer, you must be very careful and observant about what services you are getting at the price you pay – whether they are the duration of the delivery, pick-up availability, ordering features, insurance, and customer service.

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Features of Deliveree and JNE trucking delivery services

Let’s compare the features of JNE and Deliveree trucking delivery services on the following basis:

  • Service type – Deliveree offers one vehicle and partial load service types while JNE offers JTR regular and JTR logistics.
  • Both the services provide door-to-door delivery.
  • With Deliveree, you can do live map tracking, while with JNE, point-to-point tracking can be done.
  • Both the services have 24/7 customer support.
  • You can order the shipping online with Deliveree, but with JNE, you have to place an order via PIC, CS, or branch offices.

If you want to know about JNE trucking tariffs, you can always visit a nearby branch office that is found anywhere in Indonesia, which helps you make a better choice.


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