All about Instagram

All about Instagram

Not all of us have Instagram accounts, but most of us do. Instagram is the new fabulous front for square images. These images, not only display a picture but tell a story. That is why Instagram is more popular than it itself anticipated.

Today Instagram is more than just a means to share pictures. It has become a major social media. If you need to market yourself, you have got to be on Instagram. If you are on Instagram, you have got to have Instagram followers. Getting a major following today is not possible through the word of mouth. Instead, you can buy Instagram followers from quick instagram followers.

A Brief History

Instagram started as a website in the year 2010. Its popularity began to sore from day one. In one week, Instagram had around 100,000 users and in one month it crossed 1 million. The number continues to swell even today. What started as a source for sharing images became a gigantic social media network. In 2012, Facebook purchased the company for $ 1 billion. As a result, plenty of new features were added and this social media, like its counterpart, grew unanimously.

Reason for its popular

The main reason for the popularity of this social media is the creativity with which it offers people to share their messages. In addition, the app allows captures, edits, and shares within the app.

Another major reason would be how it allows people to stay in touch through images. It helps them share their special moments. Instagram allows you to stay in touch with your most adored person and celebrity. So, this social media was bound to expand and become popular.

Not to forget that Instagram is absolutely free. It costs you nothing to have an account and share your photos. This has made Instagram a major advertising venue for the company and the individual.

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