A bit of confetti to color the occasion

A bit of confetti to color the occasion

Balloons are an ancient decorative object. The rubber bottle was first made by Michael Faraday in 1824. Today, balloons are made from several different materials, such as latex, polychloroprene, etc. Balloons filled with bright and colorful confetti are available in various shapes and sizes and are still used in all our homes several times to decorate a place:

Children’s parties

Bright and colorful balloons are an indispensable party decoration. Combine colorful balloons with streamers and oatmeal to make this place delightfully vibrant. Children love colors and are a great idea to add extra sparkle to this occasion. Use transparent balloons that have a lot of colored confetti cannon rental Singapore. In addition to flowers, they are fun to interrupt at the end of the party or over the cake (use edible confetti here). LED luminous balloons and holiday lights can be used for decoration. If it’s a pool party, kids will love the bright balloons.

Formal casesconfetti cannon rental Singapore

They can also be a great decoration for formal occasions (such as a corporate party or memorial function). Use muted confetti colors such as shades of gray, copper and metallic silver or pastel shades. Large balloons are an ideal decorative element for those who want to take a bold step in the design of a place for such occasions.


Confetti is most likely to be used during weddings, which is why they are the best decorative idea. Line up the aisles with these balloons and let the guests blow them while the steam leaves. You can also make candle holders with them in the reception area, and then push them out during the party.


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