A guide to best steamers for bed bugs

A guide to best steamers for bed bugs

Bugs or insects are gross. They provide an unhealthy environment and can cause trouble for us. It has been found out that it has been an effective way to eliminate them with the help of steamers. Though the steam has to be strong up to a temperature of 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit. Some of the top steamers which are easy to use and effective. Steamers to kill bugs,mostly what these steamers have in common is that they

  • It provides pressurized steam that helps in virtually cleaning any surface inside and outside of the home without any use of harmful chemicals.cleanhomeguide
  • Also comes along with a wide range of accessories that allow cleaning possible even within small places and crevices
  • Water is heated and ready to steam in a matter of minutes
  • Large water tanks which can hold 40 ounces of water and more
  • Comes with a long power cord and hose which makes it easy to use
  • The manual and instructions are easy to follow.
  • Certified and safety tested
  • Kills germs, bacteria, and other micro-organisms

Some of the top steamers with high ratings are:

  1. Mc Culloch MC 1275 Heavy Duty Steamer- With the price of $139.99.It comes with 18 accessories, a 48-ounce large water tank which heats up within 8 minutes and provides continuous steam, has a steam trigger button as well. Has a 15.7-foot power cord and 9-foot long hose.
  2. Steam fast SF-370WH Multipurpose Steam Cleaner- It costs $115.99, and is a 1500-watt cleaner. With a 45 ounce tank provides steam up to 45 minutes, with a steam trigger button. !5 accessories come along.
  3. Pure Enrichment Pure Clean XL rolling Steam Cleaner- It costs $109.99, comes along with 18- piece heavy-duty set, a 1.5-liter water boiler with 45 minutes pressurized heat and also comes with a 5-year long warranty.
  4. Vampire MR-100 Primo steam Cleaning System- it costs $299.99, comes with advanced and strong cleaning tools, longer flor head, and provides a 60 minute of operation time.

These are some of the https://cleanhomeguide.com/best-steamer-for-bed-bugs/ that are cheap and affordable and are a good investment in the long run.


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