The ultimate tips to prevent cockroach problem

The ultimate tips to prevent cockroach problem

Cockroaches can invade your home when they find a place that is favorable to them. Here are some tips that will get you rid of it in a jiffy. Click here for pest control for cockroaches singapore.

Clean the wet corners

The first thing to do is to fill in all the holes and cracks in your foundation, because cockroaches love wet places. In addition to properly checking the piping, it is necessary to repair the piping and wipe all forms of condensation. The more dry a place, the further away it is from cockroaches. Visit this site for pest control for cockroaches singapore.

Favor light

The cockroaches do not like the cold, but they also hate daylight and artificial light. To remove them and other unwanted insects, just open all the curtains and let the sun in the house.

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Remove cockroaches with baking soda

If the cockroaches have already decided to move to your home, it is possible to move away with this recipe based on baking soda. In a container, mix 1/2 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of condensed milk. Mix everything to obtain a homogeneous paste. Then make small balls that you will then place in places frequented by cockroaches. The insects will not be dead, but they will flee and be sterile.

Kill cockroaches with boric acid

To eliminate them once and for all by killing them, go for this homemade recipe based on boric acid. However, it must be handled carefully because it is a toxic product. The mixture will consist of boric acid and concentrated milk. Then form small balls of dough that you let harden for about an hour. Then find the places popular with cockroaches and place the balls.

Making a homemade cockroach trap

A cockroach trap will also do the trick in fighting these invading insects. Take small boxes of cardboard and drop them in the house. Do not forget to put some glue and food to attract cockroaches. Once you have captured several, lock them in a tightly sealed bag that you throw in an outdoor bin.


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