Things you must know about getaway fort myers

Things you must know about getaway fort myers

Getaway Fort Myers is one of the most important cities in the southern United States, in Florida. The State of Florida for many is the vacation spot, the tropical getaway near the Caribbean where there are crystal clear waters, temperate temperatures, palm trees everywhere and the most coveted outdoor activities. Being close to some Central American countries such as Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic …or Cuba and also being colonized and having indigenous inhabitants, in Fort Myers and in Florida in general there are influences from various cultures that are felt everywhere. The rhythm of life in Fort Myers changes, it relaxes, and not only because it has some of had the most desired coasts in the country but also because the quality of life is enviable. But this although the way of life has a good philosophy, Getaway Fort Myers and the entire State of Florida in general remains a great pillar for business and for American tourism. These lands were the refuge of Thomas Edison or Henry Ford and they are also for many Americans and tourists who flee from the cold of the north to take refuge in the sun of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Floridians are smiling and friendly people, open-minded and with Latin influences. This makes it easy for them to meet new people.

Food in the city and throughout the state is also diverse and very well prepared. Southern palates are demanding! Seafood is one of the star delicacies although the different cultures that coexist in the same territory have given an almost endless range of dishes. The flavour of Florida is sweet, tasty and very intense … if you have the opportunity to set foot in these lands, go on an adventure, your experience will be memorable.

Getaway Fort Myers

Things that can be done at Getaway Fort Myers

Fort-Myers and Florida in general is a place where you can do lots of outdoor activities. The climate is temperate making it easy to move from one side to the other. The sea is very close and there are also various corners and cities around, in addition to water parks, natural parks and activities for all audiences.

When to go

From March to June. Between March and June the temperatures start to get a little hot without being suffocating and it is also the low season. During the summer it is also a good time but it is also when the crowds of people gather on the beaches of Fort Myers and Florida in general. Even so, the city of Fort Myers is also a good destination to visit during the winter, aside from the fact that there are not so many tourists, the temperatures are still pleasant.


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