Tips for Marijuana Users to Evade the COVID-19

Tips for Marijuana Users to Evade the COVID-19

Certainly, if no case has been detected in your country, the real possibilities of contagion are minimal or almost non-existent. The same if there are a few cases so there is no need to generate an alarm, in addition, the mortality of this new coronavirus is being kept lower than others that humanity has previously suffered. In general, the people who die appear to be elderly or with previous health problems. If dozens of cases have already been detected in your area or country, it is time to start taking things a little more proactively. These are the recommendations for marijuana users who want to avoid the coronavirus and how to buy weed online:

The Classic for Smoking Marijuana

  1. The most effective method is to wash your hands frequently with soap, for at least 20 seconds and trying to clean complicated areas such as under the nails. This gesture is the simplest and most effective against this virus and many more diseases.
  2. If there is a risk in your area, under no circumstances do you share a joint or agree to consume from others, this also includes pipes, bongs, vaporizers, and any other object that may be a vehicle for the transmission of the virus? Do not accept that another person gives you a joint already rolled, even if you have not smoked it, there can be a very high risk since your saliva can go down in the rolling paper. In these situations, it is best for everyone to make their joint and consume it without sharing it with others. Also, it is recommended that you learn how to buy weed online for your safety due to COVID-19.
  3. Avoid contact, stay in the same place, or consume risky marijuana with people who are or may have been affected. It would also be advisable to take these precautions with people who have recently traveled to an area with a high incidence of the new coronavirus.
  4. In the case of living in an area clearly affected by the virus, the most advisable thing is to consume marijuana by yourself at home, go out only what is necessary, and always with mask protection and disposable gloves.

Final Words

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