What are possessions can store in a safe?

What are possessions can store in a safe?

If you are having a home safe box at your home you can protect your valuable items like certificates, jewelry, passport, or any bond papers from theft, fire, flood, and other natural disasters. To protect all your valuables mentioned it is not possible with just an ordinary box you need high quality and durable safe.

Let us see some of the popular possessions that can be stored in a home safe.

  1. Cash: Having some savings as cash on hand can be a lifesaver and helpful in any situation like any disaster.
  2. Personal ID: some of the documents must be kept safe for future reference. Such documents are passports, birth certificates, social security cards, and marriage licenses. It should get damaged on fire or flood.
  3. Family heirlooms such as jewelry, purses, silver, or gold should be kept in a safe place.
  4. Important documents: as said earlier documents are important aspects to be safe. Other important documents such as home and health insurance, bank account information, a will, medical records, property deed, and any important prescriptions.
  5. Computer  backups, to save your digital data and memories
  6. Keys:  a set of spare keys of house or car, or keys of a safety deposit box

home safe box

Some of the key factors to be considered when you are selecting a safe model are interior capacity, temperature rating, and locking method. Certain materials like paper documents required a hot place for at least 360 degrees Fahrenheit to keep them safe.

Some materials like hard drives and USB backups required average weather conditions to avoid getting overheating or damage. The Minimum weather condition of 150 degrees is apt for digital accessories.

The Locking mechanism used in the safe is another important thing to be considered while buying a safe for your home.


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