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The importance of photography in storytelling process

Storytelling, a concept that is talked about a lot today, because it depends on achieving an emotional connection with your audience.

Storytelling is a narrative tool to use to communicate your personal brand. Therefore, you must know what to tell and how to tell it. Consequently, you will be able to connect with your target audience and touch them emotionally. Click here for newborn baby photography.

To effectively apply storytelling to your personal or company marketing strategy, you need to build a story and photography will be key in this. In fact, establish a communication that motivates the action of whoever reads or hears it. Find that the audience identifies and can recreate their own story by feeling inspired by yours. Visit this site for newborn baby photography.

To do this you can follow these simple steps:

Identify your purpose

Choose three of the things you are passionate about, then keep one, the one you do best.

Focus on your values

Why they make you different from your competitors and highlight your personality.

Know what your mission is

What you contribute to others, how your products or services help others.

Tell your experience

Include in your narration the people or events that influenced you, including some overcoming failure.

The importance of photography in storytelling process

Role of photography in the storytelling of personal brand

Today with the way we communicate, relate and connect with others through different electronic means;social networks, WhatsApp, web, blog, e-mailing and job networks. Both personally and as a company, it forces us to communicate at another level. Connect emotionally by telling stories so that your Personal Brand distinguishes you from the rest.

Also remember that we all like stories because we can feel different types of emotions: happiness, nostalgia, desire, security.

But the most important thing is that they move us, inspire us to action. Of course, we know that people forget what is said and what they hear. But he does not forget what he feels.

Given the type of media we use, photography becomes especially important. Well, it will be through the images that we will tell your story.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blog, web, all depend greatly on the value of the images that are presented.


Time to get your gifs within a short span

Today it is very important to use the social media because people love to enjoy the time with their friends. But without the entertainment within the social media we cannot find the right fun in it. So you may need to get some technical help in which it is easy to get your entertainment with the friends. You may import the gifs into the social media like instagram in order to make your account more interesting by the help of the gif photo booth rental you can get this feature and let me provide the brief details of this feature so that it becomes easy for you to find out the important options you have.

gif photo booth rental

How it works?

First starts the step by finding some of your friends and positioning yourself in the back drop provided. Because when you are positioning the back drop without any hassle, it is easy for the gif photo booth rental to produce good quality in the final stage. After this step,the photo booth assistant will be capturing your photos successively and four shots are captured. By the help of the technical team, the four short images are mixed together in order to make the gif that you need. But the real advantage in this feature is that you can send the gif to your medial with the help of the iPad. So there is no need to pay the money for the service and this is one of the important benefit you need to know.


Photo Enhancer

Review: Photolemur 3 Photo Enhancer Software

There are several options out there while it comes to photo editing apps plus software. From the simple one-click filter apps for smart phones to the intricate software programs similar Photoshop and Light room.

Technology is creating it easier to do photo editing faster and skillfully without learning the comprehensive nuts and bolts of complex and exclusive software. Dependent on your particular requirements, several software’s on the market nowadays can do a very proficient job in a few easy clicks.

Let us take a look at one of these programs that have developed on the marketplace that boasts advanced technology by using algorithms plus artificial intelligence to improve photographs automatically as well as effortlessly. You can Visit for further info

Photolemur 3 Photo Enhancer

Photolemur is comparatively new on the marketplace and prides itself on being a totally automatic photograph enhancer. It uses algorithms as well as artificial intelligence toward analyze photographs and applies modifications and improvements as essential. The software is only accessible for computer use at the instant and is Mac and PC compatible.

Processing Photos

Photolemur 3 derives with a very restricted set of choices for processing photographs. Once you load an image, the AI engine will instantly start doing its magical, and afterward a few seconds, present you by the final edit.

At this point, you will see an upright “Before/After” slider which you could drag around and inspect the result in a side-by-side contrast view against the unique image.

If you’re pleased with the outcomes, you could click the lowest-right “Export” switch and you’re done. Or else, you could click the Brush image, sitting to the leftward of the Export switch, to use a slider plus adjust the strength of the processed effect. Drag it the entire mode to the left for the unique image, or anyplace in-between to attain the preferred result.

Intensifying the Brush image, you’ll see two new choices left of the sliders that are amongst the new Photolemur three features: Eye enlargement as well as Face enhancement. You could turn these on or off through clicking on the particular icon.

Another new adding to Photolemur 3 is Flairs. These are Instagram-like Filters that you could apply to your photographs after the unique AI enhancement has done its work. To see the flairs, simply click the round button on the lowest-left. Applying a style would take a few instants, as the application appears to re-run the AI algorithms each time you choose a diverse style.

Why Specialists Use It

You might be marveling why specialists depend on Photolemur, seeing the detail that they have years of experience that aids them shoot one exceptional photo after the other. The answer is fairly simple. The quality of the final photograph depends widely on the subject. If the subject has yellow-tinted teeth, have inadequacies such as creases on their skin, these flaws magnify multiple when captured over the lens of a high-quality camera, plus shows up on the ultimate image.

Photo Enhancer

Separately from this, photographers seldom have the choice to reshoot a distinct occasion plus have to click the photograph even while the light settings are not appropriate, resultant in a dull image. They too depend on Photolemur, unarguably the calmest to use and the finest photograph enhancer app. For more info visit

What Makes Photolemur Outstanding?

No doubt, you can moreover use other photograph retouching applications, numerous of which have been accessible for years. If you are eager to spend hundreds of Dollars to buying an yearly license and have the time toward complete their vertical learning curve.


One hand we had Photolemur, software that potentials “great photographs automatically” by using AI image processing technology. Photolemur forms 1 and 2 displayed relative achievement by selling a six-figure in term of the quantity of copies, whereas reviewers replied with mixed feelings around the software, saying the processing engine is still ‘immature’.

However then come Skylum, obtaining Photolemur as well as opening the Skylum AI Lab around the similar time, and we got Photolemur 3. The newest version of this automatic photograph editing software displays a lot of enhancements and a range of novel goodies. Amongst these features are batch image processing, automatic face enhancements as well as upgrades to speed plus stability.


Styles of Wedding Photography

Help With Styles of Wedding Photography

You might have heard the conditions Reportage, Photo Journalism, Traditional and Candid wedding photography styles, but you might be puzzled about what the differences are between each personality. to catch these moments the photographer must be extremely conscious of what is going on and where the next shot will be. Have a look at sample pictures of your photographer whether these moments are captured, and assess for yourself.

When it comes to Wedding Photography it is always best to know the differences so that you know what to expect from different photographers out there. Some photographers will provide a mix of these styles and capture various elements of your wedding day. Other photographers will capture your day in a style of their own. Discuss wedding photography styles with your photographer to establish the style of photos which you want your day to be recorded in.

Photography Styles

What are the differences between those Photography Styles?

If you’re trying to book a wedding videography Singapore it is extremely important to understand what type of photography to anticipate because your Wedding Album and your photos will be one of a kind and they’ll be your personal keepsakes of your special day.

Reportage Photography

They key behind this kind of photography is the Photographer will capture the day as it unfolds. The photographer should be a professional so as to catch the moments as they occur. The photography just catches without intruding and stays in the background.