How to prevent from age related macular degeneration

How to prevent from age related macular degeneration

Most of the people have minor or major eye problems. Minor eye problems can be treated at home or through other easy treatments. Major eye problems needs help of anophthalmologist and certain treatments.Most common reasons why people suffer low vision or eye sight problems is aging. Due to ageing the vision or eye sight abilities get lowered.One of the most common problem is age related macular degeneration. It is a type of disorder which affects the retina and the back line of the eye. The back is responsible for focusing the light and images. When macula area gets affected then it results in blurring of vision. As a result we might find it difficult to read, blurring of imaging or blinding or blacking at times. There are two common symptoms or effects of this disease and they are

  • Non-exudative or dry form
  • Exudative or wet form

In the non-exudative form, the vision of the eye will get affected from its usual progressing. It will slow down the progress of the eye. The affected person might find it difficult to see things clearly. In exudative form the vision of the eye is affected very rapidly and aggressively. There are chances for abnormal growth of blood vessels under the macula region. This may then leak fluids or blood causing problem to the eye. It is necessary to take a comprehensive eye exam such that you will be able to take proper treatment on time. If the problem goes vigorous then it might be difficult to treat or cure. Intake of vitamin c and e can help you greatly in preventing your eyes from such serious illnesses. Along with vitamins it is also important to get proper zinc, iron and calcium to the body. These all on the whole can help your eyes to be healthy.


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