Why Electric Vehicle Chargers Matter

Why Electric Vehicle Chargers Matter

Electric vehicles are considered to be “green” powered vehicles since the fuel system is clean and as a result, you get a more efficient and quiet ride. When you talk about EVs there is another topic that comes to mind for most users and these are chargers. When most people see all these EV commercials they would think that it’s so cool and it’s so great to have one, but you wouldn’t really notice the downside in owning an EV unless you have one yourself.

One of the main concerns in owning an EV is the limitations brought by the technology and this is because it’s still gaining traction. One of the popular place today where EVs are starting to be popular is Hong Kong. Today you can even see Tesla charging HK and other EV chargers in general in various places. If you’re still skeptical about EVs because the charging is an issue for you, may want to read further and find out how the technology has already gone far today.

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It makes your car do more distances: Right now the most common place to charge is your home, but there are some really lucky people that actually have some charging stations in their offices. having a charging station aside from the ones in your home will help your EV cover more distances in the future.

  • Now you don’t need to worry about forgetting to charge your car
  • Now you don’t need to go home just to charge your car
  • Now you can travel more on your car

It’s the future: Although today having a charging station in your home is the best thing that most places can do for you, the fact that it’s already here, backed with big companies and not to mention car manufacturers like Tesla gearing towards a more clean energy minus the damaging results to mother nature, it will only be a matter of time before you see charging stations everywhere. But for now take the next best thing, anyway once the EVs become more popular you will slowly see a lot of charging stations around. If you;re looking for a good Tesla charger, check out Auto Green.

What is the best today: Even if there are charging stations and it’s growing especially in Hong Kong today, the problem still remains. It’s still taking too long to charge. You could actually full the fuel tank of a Toyota Hilux in less than 10 minutes while a sedan like a Tesla Roadster would need 9.5 hours of charge in order to reach 350 kms. This is the reason why having smart and fast chargers help a lot. In case you’re interested Auto Green got you covered from EV charger installation to maintenance and repair.

EVs have been said to replace petrol in the future and they are not wrong. With petrol being slowly losing and with a growing popularity of EVs and not to mention car manufacturers are looking into EVs as the future of their fleet, it’s a no-brainer to conclude that in the coming years EVs will be in par with their petrol counterparts or even better when it comes to supporting and coverage. Part of having a good EV is a good charging station and Auto Green is all about that.


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