Understanding Breast Asymmetry

Understanding Breast Asymmetry

Having two breasts with different sizes is common for most women, but despite the irregularity in size, they are usually similar in density and structure. Women having different breast sizes undergo a type of breast exam called mammograms, to evaluate the internal structure of the breast.

asymmetrical breast surgeryIf the breast exam shows that you have asymmetrically dense breast, the doctor could allow you the option of asymmetrical breast surgery. This difference in density is classified into four categories if a mass is found.

Asymmetry. The breast is evaluated using one projection. Because they are only one-dimensional, these images aren’t reliable. Dense structures in the breast tens to overlap which is very difficult to see. If your doctor finds a lesion or abnormality, they will conduct another exam this time a three-dimensional imaging test.

Global asymmetry. This type of finding shows more volume or density in one breast than the other. Normally, findings of Global asymmetry are the result of hormonal changes and normal variation. If a mass is found in the test, your doctor will request another test imaging.

Focal asymmetry. This is the only finding where the doctor can’t fully tell if it’s a true mass, despite the images showing a density on two mammographic views. When this happens, they will request further imaging and evaluation to rule out cancerous or abnormal masses.

Developing asymmetry. From the name suggest, this type shows a significant change between past and current exams. The density in this type could either be new or could have increased. But it is enough to raise suspicion of potentially malignant cells.

Are asymmetric breasts a sign of cancer?

Breast asymmetry does not usually pose a huge concern. However, it is also important to track changes in your breast, if there is a large variation in your asymmetry or if your breast density suddenly changes, then this might be an indication of cancer. Mammograms conducted every year are essential to a woman’s breast health, this help detects early signs of cancer or abnormalities.


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