How to Decide HDB BTO Renovation Budget?

How to Decide HDB BTO Renovation Budget?

When it’s time for renovation of the BTO (Built-to-Order) house it is a hectic job. As for renovation you have to move your household things here and there and also you have to decide the budget the of the renovation. The HDB BTO Renovation Budget depends upon the type of renovation you are doing to your house. If you are changing everything in the house with new products, then it might cost more or if you are just replacing things and getting some parts of the home renovated then it will cost as you plan the renovation.

What is the Cost to Renovate HDB BTO house?

 Now, this depends on the type of renovation chosen by you. This is one of the big spend on the house if you are looking to do full house renovation. The HDB BTO Renovation budget will also depend on this. If the house is brand new then you might have to keep your budget more than enough as you may have to buy new products for your house, but if the house is of resale one, the renovation budget may not be so high because in this case, you will just need to replace the old products with new products.

HDB BTO Renovation budget

Tips to Renovate HDB BTO House?

 Before you plan to renovate your BTO House, you must keep in mind the below tips so that you won’t have to spend much.

  • Renovate only those which are necessary and required
  • Give much importance to the walls, floors, and ceilings
  • Look at the doors and the windows and get it renovated if important.

Always remember the above three tips before you start renovating your house as it will help you in saving your money.


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