What Bitcoins Are Good For

What Bitcoins Are Good For

Cryptocurrencies refer to currencies that exist online. It’s non-centralized by any government institution and self-sufficient. There are two ways to acquire one either through mining or trading. Either way, there are certainly ways to earn on both sides. One thing is certain though, it’s a good platform to invest in, no matter what many people are saying about it. How do you think it reached the amount that it is today anyway?

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When you invest in bitcoin generally there are two sides of the coin, the people that don’t want you to invest in it and the people that want you to invest in it. Whoever you believed will affect your decision on investing in bitcoin. But no matter what your decision is, bitcoin will still continue to grow and if you’re not in the bandwagon as early as now, you might miss out on some really good investment opportunities. The fact is, investments are risks, there are no investments that have no risks.

Its good for investments:

Since bitcoin is an increasing value, its a no brainer why you should definitely invest in it. Keep in mind that bitcoin started as zero, now in less than a decade 1 bitcoin is now around $ 7000 USD. That’s pretty solid considering that other currencies have remained the same over the past years. Sere the sudden surge of bitcoin is over, but it’s still increasing by the day. Save a bitcoin for the rainy days and you will be handsomely rewarded.

It’s not centralized:

The problem with current currencies is that they are centralized. Its managed by the government and the banks themselves. This means anytime that they wish especially if you’re in trouble or you have debts, they may take those away. But since bitcoin is the exact opposite you won’t have any fear that bitcoin can be taken away from you because of any court order or so on. It’s complete freedom that is detached from any laws set by the government.

There are good reasons why many people love bitcoin and you should too because it has a certain quality that you will surely love. For starters, it’s a good investment and not to mention it’s not governed by any government. So if you get broke and the bank will try to take money from you, they can’t because your BTCs are untraceable. Pretty helpful right?


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